About Facial Acupuncture and Facial Lifting acupressure

It is full-fledged facial lifting that applies acupuncture and lift-up massage (etc.) to get an effect of rejuvenate the skin. It won't use any medical supplies at all. It provides a synergistic effect with acupuncture and massage.
Individual results may vary but if you can come often as possible at first moment, it may be get better effect.
However, the method of the massage I do is quite different from the normal soft type facial massage. It is like acupressure and
a bit painful to lift up the face to gain effect. (Acupuncture hardly feels pain though.) 

I will proceed treatment only persons who can agree with this. (I will explained in details before you make an appointment.)

Note: Please understand the following matters .

Please understand that results may vary.
Clients who have done Botox, cosmetic surgery, skin diseases, gold thread lifting, laser treatment, bruising etc before,  I will decide which part of the face to treat after consulting.










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