My first experience of Acupuncture practice.

Most of the students in the College study in a large group of 10 to 15 students per class, but fortunately I was able to get into a small class and could practice with only four people at the clinic.

Our first patient was a woman in her 60s who suffered from severe diabetes. She also has kidney failure, and has been receiving dialysis, once every two days.

Her eyes are almost invisible, the color of the legs turned dark blackish-purple. Her blood pressure was very high, and her legs and hands were always numb.

She couldn't sleep well because of all the stress and pain.

She came to the clinic five days a week, and under the teacher’s supervision, we had been treating her with various methods.


She was very open-minded and always said to us, 'You can do whatever you like for your study. Practice a lot."

And regardless of the fact that the student practice, she was receiving the treatment without hesitation.

And six months passed, her condition has been changed.

She said her sights are clear than before.
And her dark blackish-purple color legs were getting better to almost natural color.
We assessed and recorded the effects of acupuncture over a period of one year.

(Such a severe condition, it will take long time to get some results, even though you receive every day .)

※ Please kindly note that the effects of acupuncture differs according to person and condition.

And although some symptoms have improved, she has not been completely cured.


-Keiko, the acupuncturist, was very professional. I have had many acupuncture treatments in the past, but Keiko was probably the best. She attended to you the whole session, unlike other acupuncturists who just put some needles on you then walk away and only come back after 1/2 hour or so. I am coming back next week for my next appointment.


-The room is a little bit tiny, but I like the soft music. Keiko is very attentive and professional. There is no wait time for me. The quality is 5 stars. Thank you Keiko.

  Feedback from Mr. T

-As I have said before Keiko is the best acupuncturist you could have. She is extremely attentive and shows a lot of care. Thank you Keiko.

  2nd Feedback from Mr. T

-Keiko, the acupuncturist provided me with a very thorough and skillful treatment. She attended me during the whole session, checking needle positions and my conditions to make sure I was comfortable.
Compared to other acupuncturists with whom I received treatments in the past, she is the best so far. I will continue coming back to her clinic.
I highly recommend her to anyone.

  Ms Yazy momo

- しっかりとカウンセリングをして頂き、その人に合う又その人の希望する事にそって治療を考えて下さり、信頼できる先生です。

   Feedback from Ms K

- Great service and therapy

   Feedback from Ms YK

- I'd like to thanks you for the last treatment. I speed a lot better and my arm is well now.  

   Ms NR

- Keiko was great! Definitely recommended!

   Mr. Flower P.

- Keiko is very thorough and knowledgeable. She takes her time to do the treatment and she does it well. Highly recommended!

   Ms.Chiny B.

Really great acupuncturist! Will go back very soon! 

   Mr. Francesco C.

Keiko is a fantastic practitioner who is passionate at her profession. She did a quick questionnaire about my chief complaint before starting the physical exam and the actual acupuncture. While the needles were inserted she also manually massaged areas of tension to clear the blockages of my circulation. She was very communicative in every step of the process. I highly recommend her

   Mr. Gerald T.

Very professional

   Feedback from Mr. EC

It was my first time trying Acupunture and I would say it was great, authentic and frinedly.

   Mr.  R Shahrad

- My partner is feeling amazing after yesterday's acupuncture session ! Thanks again.

  Ms LP

- I'd like to thank you for yesterday's treatment. I got up with no pain at all and more calm and positive. Thanks!

  2nd feedback from Ms NR

-  Keiko was very experience and very professional. I was actually late for my appointment but unlike others, she was very kind and did not give me any hassle. Will definitely go back


- 次の日から血圧が正常になりました。治療した晩、寝ているときに、血液が身体の中心から足元と手の先まで、ザッーと流れるのを感じました。

  Ms KI

- Very dedicated. Her willingness to work with the patient was very well received.

  Mr MK

- とても丁寧な施術をしていただけてお世話になってよかったです。ぜひ、まだ伺いと思います。

  Ms YL

 - Keiko is very professional and knows her stuff! I recommend highly!

  Mr. JL

- Knowledgeable!

  Ms YY

- I had a good experience with Keiko. You did a perfect job. Thank you so much.

  Ms WN

- I am very happy because my body would be released from pain and stiffness after treatments。
Therefore, I am able to do almost anything now.
Thank you so much.

   Mr. TW

-  Satisfied

 Highly recommend for everyone. She did really good tretments for customers need. Well done. Keiko !

   Ms WN

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